September 17, 2012
Childfree Terms:

BNP- “Breeder, Not Parent”

Baby Rabies- Obsession with having or conceiving a baby.

Bingo- A cliche statement made by a parent to a childfree, questioning their decision not to have kids.

Breeder- A bad parent. One who is careless at raising their children.

Breeder Entitlement- Breeders’ belief that because they have kids they are entitled to special treatment, more time off, tax breaks and baby bonuses.

Childfree (CF)- One who is childless by choice.

Childless- One who has no children, but wants them.

Diaperwhipped- Parents who are controlled by their child’s every want or whim.

DINK- “Double Income, No Kids.”

Fence-sitter- One who has not decided whether or not to have kids.

Freemale- A woman who chooses freedom over both marriage and motherhood.

GINK- “Green inclinations, no kids.”

Kid-centric- Unnaturally centered around the whims and desires of kids.

Kidfree- A term coined by me to mean “free of kids” whether by choice or by circumstance.

Misopedist- One who strongly abhors children.

MOO- “Mother operating offensively,” AKA a publicly rude or bad mother.

PANK- “Professional Aunt with No Kids” who enjoys nieces & nephews.

PNB- “Parent, Not Breeder,” A good as opposed to bad parent. One who is raising their kids well, and who behaves in a non-obnoxious manner re. their children.

SITCOM- “Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage” (not funny!).

Sprog- A slang term, from the British word for “child.”

THINKER- (My favorite!) “Two Healthy Incomes, No Kids, Early Retirement.”


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